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Who We


Jenni’s Flower is a youth-founded and youth-led organization that empowers youth impacted by the foster care system to bloom at their highest potential. Our mission to uplift and nurture all of our seeds on their journey to self-discovery and self-actualization, which  includes providing community centered spaces that promote healing and collaboration. We aim to create a space for foster youth in executive leadership roles, build sustainable and intentional community, and to support pathways to financial sustainability for all of our seeds.

The Beginning

How It All Started

After becoming homeless during her last quarter at UCLA, Founder Cheyenne Cobb created Jenni's Flower to provide a community space for healing utilizing the same compassion, love and resilience instilled in her by her mother, Jenni. Since spending years in therapy and diving head first into her own healing, Cheyenne realized the lack of youth-led spaces and opportunities for foster youth was contributing to further isolation and an inability for her peers to thrive. She hosted the first ever Foster Youth Flea Market in May of 2022 to create a platform for her peers to make their own money without having to pay any vendor fees or face any barriers to selling their products, and this served as a catalyst for her to realize the true potential of the organization and it's purpose. She quit her full-time job in September of 2022 and has been running Jenni's Flower ever since. And well... the rest is history. 

Who Is Jenni?

If you ask anyone who had the honor of knowing Jenni, they will tell you that her soul was simply one of a kind. She was a fearless and radiant light that lit up every room she walked into. After a toxic and unhealthy marriage riddled with substance abuse and domestic violence, Jenni made the  courageous decision to provide a better life for her four seeds, Cheyenne, Sierra, Brandon and Savannah. While raising her seeds on her own, she put herself through school and attended United Educational Institute in San Diego where she graduated in 2005. Shortly after she started work for Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego as a Medical Assistant in the Outpatient Neurology Clinic. Jenni was known for her ability to make others smile and laugh, no matter the situation. She was compassionate, hopeful and charismatic. When Jenni passed in 2015, her oldest seeds, Savannah and Brandon, fought for guardianship of Cheyenne and Sierra, thus beginning their journey as foster youth and all of the implications that came with it. 

After almost a year, Savannah and Brandon received permanent guardianship of Sierra and Cheyenne, and the seeds designed a tattoo to carry Jenni's legacy with them at all times. The Jenni's Flower logo is the exact tattoo that all 4 seeds share that incorporates all of the elements of Jenni. Her favorite flower, a sunflower rests up top, and the stem is her exact signature from Sierra's birth certificate, a hallmark inscription that represents a piece of Jenni.  

Our Impact

Over the course of 2023, we created and sustained 3 programs that served a total of 55 youth and partnered with 18 different businesses and organizations to support our mission of empowering youth impacted by the foster care system to bloom their flowers at their highest potential.

Our Board

We are honored to have a board filled with resilient leaders and advocates who share the same passion for supporting and uplifting foster youth. We are passionate about providing a platform for those who have been impacted by the foster care system or have a direct link to the foster care system to serve on the board and inform the work we are doing. 

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