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Foster Youth

Flea Market

The Foster Youth Flea Market is a quarterly community market that provides youth impacted by the foster care system between the ages of 18-38
opportunities to generate income, develop and tune their entrepreneurial skill sets, and network with the larger foster youth and advocacy community.

Services We Provide

All Foster Youth Flea Market Vendors Receive Access To:


We provide scholarships for all foster youth vendors to receive gift cards or stipends to help them cover the costs of supplies, materials and equipment that they need for their booth.


We provide workshops to all of our foster youth vendors to receive entrepreneurial training such as business and tax workshops, product purchase plan workshops and more. 

Free Booths

We do not charge a fee for foster youth vendors to have a booth at the Flea Market. We also provide tables, chairs, tablecloths and flower decorations for all vendors.



Total Flea Markets


Total Youth 



Total Attendees


2023 Impact

Last year, we were able to serve 25 youth total through 5 Flea Markets all hosted in Los Angeles. We reached over 800 attendees and provided $1,875 worth of scholarships to support foster youth vendors with gift cards to purchase supplies, equipment and materials for their businesses! 

Our Team

Cheyenne Cobb

Program Director

Kiyomi Magee

Program Coordinator

Eclasia Wesley

Event Host

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Sponsor 1 Booth


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- 1 Table + 2 Chairs

- Tablecloth + Flowers

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- Signage and Posters

- Sound Equipment Rental

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